Opening to Possibilities

Hands supporting and releasing
Lisa Harvey yoga pose

About Our Partnership

Lisa Berger and Bob Lindner are the creators and stewards of the space at InBody. We are committed to deepening our healing practices and sharing their benefits with members of our community.  To find out more about each of us, visit the Teachers page. 


Go to Classes for class descriptions and Calendar for dates, times and changes in the normal schedule.

Creating the Space

We became stewards of this space in the fall of 2014 and have been tdiscovering how each will use this space for teaching, healing arts, and community service. After a long pandemic pause we are happy to be offering our own classes and renting the space again.


If you are interested in renting this space for a workshop or weekly class, contact Lisa Berger to discuss terms and options.


Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone can learn how to care for themselves by engaging body energy and body structure through touch, movement, meditation, awareness, sound and other low-tech, high-skill methods.

We practice the well honed arts of yoga, tai chi, qigong, and others. We've studied with master practitioners who have developed their own approaches to healing and personal growth. 

We are also open to the innovative and creative opportunities that arise from our years of study, practice and skill development.