T'ai Chi Fundamentals & Form with Bob Lindner


Bob shares his practical approach to learning the foundations of T’ai Chi honed over 20 years of years of study and daily practice.
Classes will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired to learn.


Step-by-step instruction of the Yang Style Long T’ai Chi form — an ancient healing, meditative and martial art practice. Instruction is oriented around fundamental principles and practices for both beginners and experienced practitioners of t’ai chi. Bob’s coaching is supportive and encouraging. Health benefits include improving balance, concentration, cognition, and body awareness. 


Tuition by donation, $5 - $15 by check or Venmo. We will give you the details when you register.


Questions?  Send an email or call Bob at 413-387-7776

Bob is also available for private lessons.

Two-Person Tai Chi Energetics with Bob Lindner and Lenny Burlingame

These classes focus on two-person exercises as a means of learning the nature and application of t'ai chi energetics.  Class material draws from Bob and Lenny's extensive study, practice and exploration.  Non-competitive partner drills develop t'ai chi body mechanics with the focus on helping each other gain awareness, sensitivity, skill, and well-being. These classes are open to people with some t'ai chi experience, seasoned t'ai chi players, and people who train in other martial and movement arts.


Sundays:   9:30 - 11AM ON HOLD FOR NOW.

Tuition by Donation: Suggested $10-$20

If you are interested in attending, please contact Bob: Send an email or call Bob at 413-387-7776